Moses and Jackline ~ 

I have been thinking about the people in your church…

Please give my greetings of loving kindness to the people within your church.

“May the Lord pour out his Spirit upon you. May you be found dancing despite your circumstances. May you be filled with joy and find the treasure of goodness in evert trial. May what the Lord Creator God says about you overcome any lies. May you have eyes to see the Lord’s purpose within your situations.

May the Spirit ignite a fire within you that causes you to not fret knowing that these things a temporary and the goodness of God is Eternal and you, yes you, my friend are an eternal being. You are a child of God. Woven and spun from the core of His Heart. He says that you are Chosen. He says that you are Royal. He says that you are Priests. He says you are Holy. He says that you are blameless. He says that you are without blemish. He says that you are you are beloved. He say you are sanctified. He says that you are altogether lovely. He says that you are righteous. He says that you are not alone. 

He calls you beloved. He calls you His. He calls you sons and daughters. He calls you His offspring. He calls you co-heirs In Christ. He calls wonderfully made. He calls you respectfully, awesomely, fearfully made. He calls you His own.

Rise up new springs from the waste lands and dessert places. He is pouring out His spirit upon you. Living waters of refreshment to your souls. His mercy is unending. He grace sufficient. He is able and just. He can do more than you can imagine or conceive. Your hope is found in Him. Your identity is in Him.

Your citizenship is in Him. You are not of this world. You are from Heaven. This is where you live seated in Heavenly places In Christ Jesus. From this stance you negotiate life here on earth. Know that the reflection of Heaven is found here on earth. You are call. Called to bear witness to Heavenly order. Called to bring the Kingdom of God here on earth. In your homes, at your workplace, passing down the road, in your travels. You represent greater things than hardship.

You represent Heaven. Focus on Heaven where your spirit heart lives. This is your place of health and abundance, joy and peace. Heaven flows to earth through you the many brethren of the the first - Christ Jesus. You are light and life givers. Powerfully equipped. Be strong, be courageous, the Lord God goes with you! His spirit is within you. Praise YHWH! Thank You Jesus????

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