Children Ministry

What we aim to achieve with Children's Ministry

Establish TAS (Teens and Adventurers and the Sunday school) that will handle kids from age 3-16.

Kids 3-7 & Kids Aged 8-11:

In this age group, we intend to nurture these kids in a godly way with an intention of transiting 100 percent of them to the next group phase.

We will:

  1. Establish departments that will handle train and equip the kids according to age.
  2. Have a trained Sunday school teachers for the kids
  3. Have a syllabus for the kids as they grow through the years
  4. Maintain a special Sunday School church for the kids
  5. Allocate a budget for the kids department to help access resources like Picture books, Bible pictures, other kids literatures, Video streaming devices to watch necessary content to further their understanding
  6. Equip the Sunday school church with necessary equipment


Teen 12-16

  1. Have a guidance and counselling department for the teens and for the youth.

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