Welcome to The Andrew Project


Andrew Project is a project for all Christians. The title of this project comes from the example of Andrew, Simon Peter's brother who first followed Jesus himself and then excitedly took his brother to Him so that he could know him too.

This project is aimed at helping each of us live the kind of life that God can use in encouraging others to come to know Jesus Christ as Saviour and Lord. Its a project that empowers ordinary people to share Jesus with all around them! 

From 25th - 30th of October 2022, The Andrew Project will go out and share Jesus to the community around Kayole Junction Area, Nairobi Kenya, and invite people to church.  How can you be part of The  Andrews? If you are within Nairobi, and you would like to participate in door to door Evangelism, let us know. You can also Join the 1000 Intercessors across the world interceeding for the salvations of souls. Lastly you can become a financier by supporting the missioners here: The Andrew Project 


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