Ablaze Worship

???? Calling All Worship Leaders and Music Lovers! ????

Are you a worship leader in your church? Do you have the zeal and desire to serve God in the music ministry? Or perhaps you're someone who simply finds peace, joy, and contentment through music, even without holding a microphone or an instrument? Ablaze Worship is the place for you!

???? Divine Music: A Source of Healing and Upliftment ????

Divine music is healing to the bones and uplifting to the soul. Gracefully birthed by The Good News Mission, Ablaze Worship is a gathering of worship leaders and musicians who come together to raise a hallelujah to the Most High God. We lead people from all over the world in established worship, equip one another with the knowledge of the true essence of worship, and nourish diverse music skills. merged for a divine purpose, can massively impact and influence the local community and eventually the whole world! This is precisely what we do, embracing the true and beautiful art of dynamic music – all for Christ's sake.

???? Serving, Growing, and Reaching Out Together ????

Come, let us serve the Lord together, grow together, and reach out to billions of hungry souls all over the world through divine music, together! Ablaze Worship invites you to join us in our mission to share the power of worship and the healing essence of music with people from all walks of life.

Don't miss this incredible opportunity to be part of something bigger than yourself. Experience the joy of serving God through music and the unity of joining with others in heartfelt worship. Come, be part of Ablaze Worship, and together, let's set the world ablaze with the love and grace of our Savior!

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